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Accepting Break Up Blame

Source: Accepting Break Up Blame

I’ll echo these thoughts.

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#meditation is for flunkies

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Meditation is a thing. I was walking through New York a while back, and I passed a transcendental meditation studio. I believe there may have been a picture of Oprah in the window or something. Maybe, maybe not….I’m not sure how meditation has grown to become so chic. I do know that it is an effective form of loving one self in what is a crazy, chaotic world. Have you ever read the book Siddhartha? It’s a classic, typically provided to high school students. It was when I was in high school. Sid was the Buddhist Zen master seeking Nirvana. Basically, Nirvana is peace. Isn’t that something for which we are all looking?

Now, try to hold back your eye roll or pardon my ASSumption, but I’m a Christian. I may not have some traditional Christian views, but for me Jesus is, “the way the truth and the life.” There’s a popular song that has a lyric that says, “You are God, and that’s just the way it is.” That’s pretty much my view. I share that part of myself, because words are important. They can breakdown and shatter relationships or they can build them up. Typically, they do both.

Anyway, meditation is important. I encourage you to look into it. While you are at it, look into focused prayer. I like it the best, and I believe it may be more the transformative choice.

Speaking of healing, I was in a car accident a few years ago. Both legs were broken, and initially there was uncertainty about my walking again. Yoga is one of the reasons why I am walking as well as I am. Check it out.

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Take More Selfies

Does Rosie make a good point?

Rosie Culture

It’s hard to be self-confident. I think it comes in waves, you feel really good about yourself then you all of a sudden feel really bad about yourself.

It’s harder after you graduate college, because you get way less attention than you ever did when you were young, flirty, and out every night surrounded by people. You’re just alone more in your mid-twenties and that results in less attention.

And if you’re not going to give yourself the love you need, then no one will. Sure, your coworker will compliment your dress and your mom will tell you that you look pretty today. If you go out with your friends every once in a while, they’ll tell you how great you look and you might get hit on at the bar.

But it’s not a guarantee that you’re going to get the gratification you need, that we all need.

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It’s fun to play….

A while back, I was at an epilepsy symposium. It was interesting. I was surprised at how basic much of the information provided seemed to be given that there were people there getting continuing education credits if I remember correctly. I am grateful there are people that are interested in learning more about epilepsy. April is mental health awareness month apparently, and given the stigma attached to epilepsy there are those that often consider epilepsy a mental illness. I have a different, more positive perspective on the matter. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Drink responsibly 🙂

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9 Lessons I’ve Learned in 9 Years of Marriage

The Richness of a Simple Life

Today marks my 9th year wedding anniversary! I’ll be the first to say that marriage is tough. It’s not like the romcoms that make it seem like this whimsical story of two people that meet and fit together perfectly. Even though it can be a challenge at times, it’s also pretty amazing. I’m so grateful for my partner in life and the relationship we’ve built. I thought I’d share 9 lessons I’ve learned in 9 years of marriage:

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ADD SPARK TO ROUTINE, writer’s quote challenge

Sweet aroma

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” Helen Keller

For this week’s Writers Quote Challenge, please share with us a “small task” which you feel you have accomplished in a “great and noble” way.

How “great and noble” are you when it comes to frying eggs, changing tires, picking up toys, teaching manners to your children, making the grocery list, making the bed, playing Candy Land, combing your mother’s hair?  Okay, you are on your own.  What does this quote mean to you?

My Submission:

For many years I have taught adult Sunday School classes, generally to people who are my peers.  It seemed dull to me to teach the same thing we had “learned” many times before.  After all what could I say that had not already been said.  So…

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See, there's this thing called biology...

green-eyedEnvy the green-eyed monster, the root of so many of our conflicts, one of the seven deadly sins. I want to speak of envy today, because I grew up in this very secular environment where envy was perceived as non-existent, where observing envy in the world was a worse “sin” then the envy itself. If you experience  envy from others it is your fault because privilege, pride, and thinking too highly of yourself.

I can’t begin to tell you how damaging this was, how confused it left me, how I stumbled around in the dark completely baffled for years. Nothing made any sense, there was this giant elephant in the room I was taught not to see, not to speak of. I remember being about 10 and a girl said, “I hate your shoes,” and so I immediately blamed my shoes, I blamed myself for wearing shoes that inspire hatred…

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