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Do you like to shop?

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You deserve a red card for that result ūüôā

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Over the last couple of years, I’ve really taken to soccer. It doesn’t matter whether it is International or¬†MLS¬†or¬†NWSL, I’ve just really grown to enjoy the sport. I remember when Coach Morgan brought soccer to Hickory. I’m not sure how quickly it took off, but I know that it grew steadily. Then, with the¬†USA Women’s National Team’s¬†success….there was an explosion of growth. Mia Hamm, who can forget her?

Next to music, Soccer may be the only international language, at least in the sporting world. Did you know we even have minor league teams in the US? For example, in Charlotte, NC; we have the¬†Charlotte Independence. They are part of the¬†USL. It’s not as fast paced as American Football. There’s no hurry up offense, but there’s a lot of strategy involved. It’s fun to watch and the players, both men and women, are riddled with talent.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!



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Serenity Now :)

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“Studies looking specifically at blueberries and strawberries, which are rich in polyphenois, show they are associated with slower cognitive decline.” – Martha Clare Morris, SCO

There’s a free magazine I’ve been reading for quite some time called¬†Neurology Now.¬†The above quote is from the most recent issue from an article talking about foods that are good for the brain:¬†food for thought.

Do you like inspirational stories? I find people that overcome adversity fascinating. That means everyone is fascinating because we all have some story, some sort of adversity we have overcome or are working on. Until last night, I had never heard of MasterChef Christine Ha. Does her name ring a bell?

She battles blindness due to an autoimmune disease called neuromyelitis optica or NMO for short. Here is some more info. –¬†NMO

You can also read her blog at

If you’d like to purchase her cookbook, buy it here¬†and I’ll receive a small commission per FTC Disclaimer guidelines.

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Staying #sane

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Just wanted to share something with you that has helped me over the last few years. You can purchase it here or at your local book store. It is a great devotional.


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God, me, and wait for it….

checks and balances.

One year ago today I started writing this and I put it off to the side for some reason. I’m not sure why then, and I am not sure why I am writing it now. The timing is interesting though.

Do you remember Edward in the movie Pretty Woman? There’s a line in the movie where he says he had to go through a lot of therapy to say that he was very ANGRY with his father. Do you ever feel like that?

I don’t feel angry with my earthly father anymore. Sad sometimes, but God has taken away the anger that was there. I do, however, find myself extremely distrustful of men. It’s amazing how your experiences shape you. It’s odd how your perspective can be so disjointed to appear delusional. Of course, belief that you can find some sort of perfect balance in life is it’s own sort of delusional right.