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#meditation is for flunkies

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Meditation is a thing. I was walking through New York a while back, and I passed a transcendental meditation studio. I believe there may have been a picture of Oprah in the window or something. Maybe, maybe not….I’m not sure how meditation has grown to become so chic. I do know that it is an effective form of loving one self in what is a crazy, chaotic world. Have you ever read the book Siddhartha? It’s a classic, typically provided to high school students. It was when I was in high school. Sid was the Buddhist Zen master seeking Nirvana. Basically, Nirvana is peace. Isn’t that something for which we are all looking?

Now, try to hold back your eye roll or pardon my ASSumption, but I’m a Christian. I may not have some traditional Christian views, but for me Jesus is, “the way the truth and the life.” There’s a popular song that has a lyric that says, “You are God, and that’s just the way it is.” That’s pretty much my view. I share that part of myself, because words are important. They can breakdown and shatter relationships or they can build them up. Typically, they do both.

Anyway, meditation is important. I encourage you to look into it. While you are at it, look into focused prayer. I like it the best, and I believe it may be more the transformative choice.

Speaking of healing, I was in a car accident a few years ago. Both legs were broken, and initially there was uncertainty about my walking again. Yoga is one of the reasons why I am walking as well as I am. Check it out.

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