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#bootlicking #fools #beingintheknow

Does it make you feel powerful to know something that someone else doesn’t know? Sometimes, it’s nice to be in the know. It can make you feel important, valued. That used to be a source of pride for me. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes secrets are meant to be kept between people and there is a “time and place for everything under the sun,” as we are taught. Yet, when it becomes a pupped-out chest sort of pride swilling menagerie….something has gone afoul.

I’m fond of that scene in Men in Black where K is recruiting J and K says something to the effect of people are foolish, panicky, and unpredictable. That’s not an exact quote. He goes on to say that, “a person is smart.” Isn’t that the truth? (I mutter with a sigh and somewhat sarcastically too 🙂

I know I can be foolish. I know I panic from time to time. I know I can be unpredictable, but that is part of what makes humanity wonderful, bearable, and embraceable. Don’t you think?

Nobody is perfect.




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