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George Bradt @georgebradt on jumping for joy: “Happy. Pure and simple.”


JUMP FOR JOY Photo Project

George BradtIntroducing George Bradt, another beautiful soul whom I had the pleasure of meeting during HATCH. Hatch is more or less, JOY in motion (and my absolute favourite event of the year) which took place in Big Sky, Montana.

Q: What inspired you to jump for joy?
You. Loved hearing you talk about it. Loved your excitement. Loved the setting. Loved being invited to do it.

Q. How did jumping photos make you feel?
Happy. Pure and simple.

Q: How do you describe the feeling of joy?
It was a simple, uncomplicated joy. Wasn’t trying to prove anything to myself or anyone else. It was just happy.

Q: Your greatest passion in life?
Meg. I’m absolutely positively convinced that the root of all my happiness is my relationship with my wife. We dated for four years before getting married 35 years ago this week. She is…

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