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It was years ago that my mom and I went to the old Charlotte coliseum to see the Dream Team play. It was something to behold. I remember watching and talking about Michael Jordan. People talk about his competitiveness, but that was not what I saw on display. He moved with a grace I had never seen before, so fluid. It was almost like he was dancing. His play was artful, spirited, and dare I say masterful. It was power under control. That’s the beauty of sports. There is little talking other than the trash talking đŸ™‚ There is so much action going on. The spontaneity is something that would be difficult to replicate in a program or some sort of device. That’s a good thing. I believe.

We see a lot of things taken out of context. It’s unfortunate too, because we all have a different perspective on life. What I mean is, we do not have shared experiences. We share them, but we may experience them differently.

Michael Jordan is being criticized for donating money to the police in his political response to the current racial tensions in the United States. I find this surprising. The thing is that if you live beyond the law you are no longer protected by it. Don’t forget, I imagine Jordan had a profound experience with law enforcement when his father passed away.

I would like to celebrate our first responders, and other public servants who go unseen. Like that guy that planted that tree that’s now so tall in your square….define first responder….hmmm….


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