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Unknowing, Unseeing

See, there's this thing called biology...

background musicThe world with its grief and suffering can really get you down, especially when you’ve seen too much, you know too much, and you’re haunted by that prophetic eye, relentless, always reminding you this just doesn’t end well. There is no best possible outcome here and one cannot change it, one cannot intercede. Whatever will be will be and it just isn’t going to be good.

Once seen, things can never be unseen, once known, things can never be unknown, but it isn’t true, not really. God really can wash your eyeballs clean, He can take it all away, He can and He does. He replaces cynicism and bitterness with innocence and purity. He hands us beauty for ashes.  He changes the whole narrative and rewrites the story.

Even when you’ve seen too much.

He’s been working on me for a long time. I’m a hard case, a tough nut…

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