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! Reason I love Tennis


People that we perceive as at the top, are there for a reason. They have taken some chances, knowingly or unknowingly. Daddy Williams, I am certain, took some calculated risks with his daughters. No doubt Mamma had some say in these matters too.

Venus and Serena are awesome, and they have nothing for which to apologize. They are simply great. They’re not perfect, and I have no doubt many battles have been fought. How wonderful is it to see two kids grow into wonderful, strong women that encourage each other.

Last night I caught a part of Ravi Zacharias’ sermon about love. I did not know that in Greek it takes four words to say what we say in English with one: love. You can look it up if you want to know more. It’s rather fascinating stuff. I’m certain I heard it at the local church I attended, it just didn’t settle in fully until last night. Funny how that works….

Just because you think your not the best parent or father or mother or partner or whatever doesn’t mean you cannot love deeply, and I think we all love deeply. How could we not? We were created by God and continue to be formed by this mind-blowing Lord. Isn’t that extraordinary!?!

Just watch out for deception. It’s dangerous, and it’s around every corner. I fall prey to it all the time, and so do you. Because the truth is, I want it all. My “all” just may be different from yours.

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