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See, there's this thing called biology...

It was Julie who showed me the hashtag #neverboring in terms of faith and the Holy Spirit. It made me a laugh because in faith I have been downright terrified, far outside of my comfort zone, and sometimes completely bedazzled by the wonder of it all, but never bored.

I was pondering this idea while reading yet another non believers declaration about how the bronze ancestors allegedly invented Christianity  and so I went traipsing down this rabbit hole for a few moments asking some questions.

In order to perpetuate a giant fraud you must have the means, method, and motive. Already we have a terrible problem with this theory because we must now ask where the allegedly “ignorant and uneducated” bronze age ancestors got their incredible and amazing spiritual discipline that actually works.

Coming to faith actually works, surrendering to Christ actually transforms lives, and somewhere in scripture you will…

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