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I don’t like to cut. I drop.

I suppose that’s not a good way to be, but I will not eat an avocado, or most other foods for that matter if part of it is bruised, or moldy or yucky.

Oh, and bananas too. I’m not breaking off a gross piece and then eating the rest. Not going to happen.

All or nothing. I’m almost certain this is a character flaw. I think Buddhists frown on it and I’m sure it’s wasteful, but I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

Even worse, and this is a little hard to admit, my attitude often extends to people.

You know those old women, usually in movies, that look at a person and say, “You’re dead to me.”? I’m not that bad, but sometimes I can relate.

Contrary to what my children say, I am open minded. I always try for friendly and some…

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