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Yoga, Wellness, and more….


New Age Types are Chill

I am sure I placed this in one of my earlier entries, but the word shalom has been rattling around in my head for many years. One of its defining characteristics is a deep sense of wellness. I haven’t studied much Hebrew nor plan to, but from what I have read it is a state of stillness, or peace. I liken it to the feeling I used to get water-skiing in the morning. My mother used to get my brother and I up before 6 am to go water-skiing. The lake was so calm, placid. Slicing through that water, even having to tolerate the gurgling of the boat’s engine was so pleasant. Looking back, it was what new ages types would call transcendent. For me, it was just an age of innocence. Everything about it seemed good. Ignorance is like that, and innocence is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, life is disruptive. The world does not behave. It’s not just people. It’s those pesky snakes that come out out of the woods when it gets hot out to warm themselves in the sun. Of course, this is not an act of aggression. It is just their nature. Yet, my fear of them sends me striding in a different direction. A snake, of any type, will have it’s head snapped off or I will simply walk away.

Skiing through Snakes

Playing in the creek with my neighbor used to be one of our favourite past-times. We would collect crawdads and salamanders and break rocks open with hammers to see what is inside, typically quartz or granite in our area. One day, I got away from the creek. I was playing alongside the lake alone. I lifted a large rock underneath which l found a Carolina Rattlesnake. I heard it before I saw it, but I still remember the look in its eye. I gently replaced the rock. My heart felt like it was going to burst from my chest, and I quickly walked away from the situation. Reflecting back on that lesson from my youth, walking away was not foolish. Tormenting that snake would have been fowl and hollow on my part. So, that is a lesson I will continue to use when dealing with snakes of any type. Unless of course, they warrant having their heads snapped off. Just joking, but that does not take a forceful frame.

A Peaceful Place

Yoga is fun, don’t you think? Shalom is to Namaste what peace is to mindfullness I guess you might say. Be aware. It is important for us all to be aware of the situations we are living in, especially in the life and times of so many anger filled days. We are surrounded by pulsating emoticons that can make little sense. Our smart phones alert us to things to do and try to save our time. We are constantly told we are not doing enough or we are doing too little to serve the world. BUILD YOUR EMPIRE! If you buy this program, you will find happiness. AUTOMATE YOUR LIFE NOW! NOW! NOW!

Do you feel the pressure? I know you feel pressure to perform. I know we all do. Pastors are selling God if you’ll just donate some money to keep the doors open. I don’t really feel that way, but people twist God’s word into some sort of marketing scheme. The rich hide their money so that the government doesn’t have access to it, but they expect the government to bail them out when things go haywire. The United States government does it because there are few other options. Then, everyone begins to play the blame game and point fingers at who did what and why. History repeats itself time and again, and the locusts are coming. Are they? I don’t know. I just am prayerful that divine proceedings continue.

Of only this can we be certain, with each breathe God has given us another moment of grace. With each moment, we are infused with or are extricating energy from the world around us. As we grow, we can contribute and grow or we can accept where we are. Regardless of our choice, of who we are in Christ, we have the responsibility to be grateful. And, there’s nothing wrong with weaving out gifts together to maximize our potential. I think that would make our Father in Heaven happy. I hope so. That’s what I’m trying to do.

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Someone just fell down laughing, and that makes me smile. Have a wonderful evening, and may you be thoroughly blessed. TT

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