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Fractal Flow


There is something about water that settles the soul. It may calm your mood. For me, the only problem is that more than 30 minutes or so in to the sun and I am bound to get dizzy. It’s a medication thing. Your body will adjust to it over time. For example, I used to live in Florida. Even down there though, I was jogging to a friends house one day and I started to get heatstroke. You have to be careful. You must stay hydrated.

That being said, I can stay in the ocean for hours. Playing in the waves like a dolphin is fun, and a temporary escape from the reality that is the shore. Eventually, a person will have to swim back across the riptide and climb your way up to the beach with a surfboard in tow or not.

I just re-read what I wrote and it reads somewhat depressing, but what I am remembering are joyous times spent in the water. Waves crash, glistening bodies, hugs, and people in all together brilliant moods. There is something wonderful about the beach. It seems to bring out the smile in all of us. As I’ve said, there’s something about that water and the cool ocean breeze at night. There is something about the way she dances with me in my mind; something close, silent, and romantically committed. There is a brilliance in your smile tonight, and a glistening in your eyes. Perhaps it’s just the salt air, perhaps it’s more than that. Dance slowly, embrace the breeze.

Copyright 2016


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