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You can’t contain it.


There was a time when I thought I was called to be a pastor….nope. Ministry is something to which we all are called, and for some reason I thought I needed some sort of special stamp of approval from people to say I love Jesus or I love God or I believe in the one true God. People like to make assumptions about people, and I am certainly one of those people. Yet, due to certain situations I have encountered life has taken an active role in transforming me. People use different manners of sharing their beliefs. I’ll admit. There are things I have difficulty buying into. I think energy forecasts are ridiculous. Certain writers profiting from people that are very unhappy make me sad, but many of those people are also Christian authors. It’s difficult if not impossible to judge someone’s motive. I was listening to a broadcast today where the pastor was talking about the Good Samaritan. The man questioning Jesus asks, according to the pastor for his own justification, “who is my neighbor?” Jesus then begins to share his story.

What frustrates me, and please understand that I am not writing this with the mindset that everything is all about me. Yet, what frustrates me is that it seems we have forgotten that Christ has already been crucified. I mean it’s done, over with, finito. It seems that is a point that has been forgotten.

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