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I am blessed with so many gifts . That is not meant to sound arrogant, but just like everyone else in the world I have God given gifts. One of the things with which I struggle is focus. I’m all over the place. There are so many things I care about. My passion is writing and music and sports; but I feel a responsibility to share what I have learned about health and epilepsy, and mental health for that matter.

The issues we face though are with the intention of what we intend to provide. Are you trustworthy? Do you really care about the other person? Are you doing something out of selfishness or selflessness? I don’t know all the answers and I think we have to recognize none of us do. Maybe, however, giving each other the benefit of the doubt is a good place to start. Also, I think every act is done with a certain amount of selfishness. Could it not also be done with selflessness too?

I have trust issues. I only trust God and my mom. There are a couple other people I am close to, but I have little faith in them. We are told not to put our faith in man/women. Well, that doesn’t mean we avoid friendships and I have difficulty reaching out to others. Some of it may have to do with the way my mind works….I don’t express myself well unless it is in writing. Some of it may be pride. Even then, if I get too comfortable I can be very abrasive and disruptive. I have decided to accept that about myself and allow those to like me to care about me and to not concern myself with those who dislike me. I really like those I AM second videos.

I’ve written about faith and religion and I reblog posts I like about religion, but personally whether you believe in God or not is immaterial to whether or not we may have a friendship. You color or creed, whether you follow Allah or Buddhist teachings….there is such a thing as civility. This is not political. It’s just being kind to each other. I used to feel a lot of shame about my life, and that all changed. For me it was a process….for others….your last shot may come when you are about to be laid to rest. I believe what I believe. Just because some of us differ, even among our own faith, doesn’t mean friendships may not be developed. It’s a radical idea isn’t it? To enjoy someone just because they are who they are….that’s crazy.

What do you enjoy?



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