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In response to Michael Wilborn and Analytics….



Analytics certainly has its place in business. However, when it comes to people and performance and development….something is missing.

I’ll give you an example from personal experience. Years ago, I had an interview with a well know investment company. Analytics must not like honesty, because I nailed the interview. The manager was ready to hire me. Then, I took the required online testing and did not pass the test. I believe it was an assessment of sales acumen. Apparently, analytics does not like honesty. One of the questions was whether or not I like making cold calls? What it wanted to hear was, YES! I answered no. Cold calling sucks. The challenge used to be fun and something I was able to do effectively and efficiently. While challenges are fun, some people/companies need to understand that coaching is needed. People need people. Now, I will admit that I am not the most coachable person in the world. It’s something on which I am working. My creativity sometimes overrides my civility.

It comes down to opportunity. I am now grateful that I didn’t get that job. That was not God’s will for my life. However, I do wonder if that analytic road block might have hindered the process.

Artificial intelligence is something that has intrigued me for quite some time. Ever since things began to become more and more automated, Stephen Hawking’s comments about Ai’s potential for leading to the end of the human race seems to be developing into an inconvenient truth. For example, people love to see collisions. Why do you watch football? Why do you watch Nascar? Personally, I believe that football is meant to be played by men who enjoy the game. I don’t really enjoy watching the UFC, but is that less conductive of power management than the NFL? We have an innate desire to compete. We just do.

I guess the bottom line is if you play a sport it is foolish not to know what you are getting into. That’s true for most things. It’s also true that we never really know everything we are getting into. Sometimes, we just have to learn as we go. Life is a beautiful gift. Your choice to play soccer, or football, or tennis, or lacrosse, or whatever else is yours alone.

Life is too short not to have some fun and sports are meant to be fun, competitive, and they prepare you for and point your mind in directions unfamiliar.



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