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Poor Marks

Who remembers watching The Breakfast Club? For me, it’s one of those movies that when I see it’s on I have to watch a few minutes of it before getting back to what ever it is I am thinking about or doing. This movie is so full of delightful scenes.

Years ago, I skipped school one day. Every morning I picked up who I once considered my best friend….only years later do you look back and realize you were both being a friend while also being taken advantage of. It’s not personal. It’s just people. I like how honest the characters are in The Breakfast Club. Mind you, it’s just a movie….I  guess you could call them euphoric friendships by the end of the film. There’s a struggle that they all go through knowing that on Monday, nothing will be the same. For that one day, however, they know each other. They learn to appreciate one another, and eventually they appear to respect each other.

That was a good day.


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