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God Hates Me?

No matter what, God is forever present. Sometimes, we just are not mindful. As this blogger says, “That’s a priceless gift.”

See, there's this thing called biology...

Something I bump into a lot is this idea that “God hates me, God is punishing me, God has abandoned me.” I am all about a proper pity party, sinking into the misery, and eating worms. Life can be downright pathetic sometimes and it hurts. But all 3 of those statements are likely false and we must be very careful about the words we speak over ourselves and others, especially in times of distress.

So, “God hates me.” Most likely not. He loves us so much He laid down His life for us. Also, most of us lack the power and importance to draw God’s wrath down upon us. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just saying that at best we can disappoint or grieve Him. Earthly parents seldom hate their own children, no matter what they do, and God is an even more perfect parent. God’s love for us…

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