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Leadership: Getting Real

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A Practitioner's Path

Lately I’ve been bothered more than usual by those trite “leadership” memes that attempt to distill leadership into something as simple as “hire the right people and then get out of their way” advice.

There are weeks when I would welcome this as the definition of leadership, even though it’s a little boring for my style, and here’s why: leadership – REAL LEADERSHIP is hard. It’s rough and tumble, down, dirty and often painful. Try putting that on a cute little graphic and sharing it all over the internet. It won’t work because no one would willingly sign up for some of the more painful aspects of leadership reality, no matter how much it paid.

Yes, leadership means hiring the right people, and listening to them and not micromanaging them (what I interpret the “get out of their way” to mean). It also means having hard conversations, like when two…

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