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“The Girl in the Picture”

Great post. Some of us burn on the inside….the invisible disorders or diseases or medications with which we struggle that people do not understand. It’s not an attitude problem….,well, sometimes it is. #itsalifestyle

See, there's this thing called biology...

“The Girl in the Picture,” is the title of a book written about the life of Kim Phúc, the badly burned girl fleeing napalm in that tragic and iconic photo from the Vietnam war.

I remember that photo well, her and I were close to the same age and the confusion of a country deeply divided by war was all around me. People often complain about Christians indoctrinating children, well, I grew up viewing pictures of Nazi concentration camps, preparing for nuclear winter, and looking into the eyes of Kim Phúc. I grew up knowing the horrors of the world intimately, but never it’s Hope. There’s a special kind of cruelty in that I have long since forgiven but will never forget.

Kim Phúc is a hero of mine, a girl caught  in a literal war not just as spiritual one, a girl burned so badly she was not…

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