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Scared or Sacred Moment

I was never a believer in life verses until this one grabbed hold of me in the hospital. Joshua 1:9

A Practitioner's Path

joshua-1-9-lion-550x320I had not previously realized (or thought about it enough to notice) that the words SCARED and SACRED were close anagrams.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary (online), the non-religious definition of sacred is “highly valued and important : deserving great respect“. Scared is defined as “afraid of something : nervous or frightened“.

In a frightening diagnosis – whether ours or someone close – there is fear of losing our connections to those that we love. We don’t want to think about living – on this side or the other – away from loved ones. We don’t want to end the sacred connections that have nurtured and connected us one to another.

During times of threat due to extreme weather or human-perpetrated acts we may fear loss, but we also fear being hurt, maimed or otherwise physically violated. We hold a sacred view of our bodies…

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