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To The People I Don’t Write About

Nice. 🙂

Rosie Culture

It might be obvious to some, but I tend to write about the same people over and over again. Occasionally I’ll sprinkle in a straggler, someone who sparked an idea and sent me into my writing frenzy. But there are a lot of people I’ve never written about.

They’re the people who merely existed instead of changing me in some way. They popped in and out of my life without a glance. We didn’t have a negative experience, we didn’t have a positive experience, I don’t know if it could be considered an experience at all. It came and it went and it didn’t impact me either way.

They are small pieces to a very large puzzle. They barely make up a corner or a fragment of the feelings I can feel. I don’t want to say they didn’t matter, everyone in their own way matters. Every one in their own way makes a difference. It just didn’t…

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