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the button pusher

Like the keys on this computer, these are the moments that roll the tides.. “To everything turn, turn, turn….there is a season….turn, turn, turn….” (you know the source). There was a time when my buttons could be pushed very easily. I was taking (I still take) a medication called Keppra. This medication has a profound side-effect on the brain for many people. People become impatient, experience a lot of memory loss….the list is long. There is even a term called Kepp-rage because some people jump to fits of rage. It’s almost like a lack of consciousness when you know someone is intentionally pushing your buttons. You know that person so well. You know that you are being tested, and it simply angers you. Normally (or maybe not so normally), you should respond by communicating how you feel to the person pushing your buttons. If a person is testing you, trying to elicit  a negative response knowingly or unknowingly, it’s important to articulate that. Doesn’t that make sense? It’s one of those speaking the truth in love sort of things. Just know that even though your truth is your perspective, I am allowed to disagree. It is important, however, that WE find common ground. Otherwise, you’re just a button pusher and I’m just a head in the clouds.



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