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Seize the Day

I’m a guy. I JUST LOVE talking about myself. Not really, well, I guess I do. I like to do what I like to do. You’re a girl. You’re not much different, and you certainly do what you want to do. You take things a step further even. You talk to all your friends about it. I mean seriously, is nothing sacred? So, get to it. Do your thing, but if you’re going to be a part of my life….you’re going to be a lady. I don’t like bullies. Whether they are women or men, bullies will not have access. I’d rather continue to spend almost ALL my time alone than to attempt to be the JACKASS/WITCH whisperer. Life is way too short, and I have way to much love in me for others.

I have epilepsy. Guess what, some of my needs are going to have to come first. I can finish the race alone. I’m not too concerned about it. When we meet one day, I hope you realize how willing I am to submit to your needs. I hope you will submit to mine. I’ve got to get my sleep. If not, I’m flopping around like a fish out of water.

Long ago in my journal I wrote that if you dislike bullies as much as I do you have to be careful not to become one. I am aware.


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