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I started to feel an exhilarating sensation… #jumpforjoyphotoproject

A good Q&A is always fun. People are fascination and frustrating, don’t you think? I know I frustrate many people. It’s not my intention to do so, but I know it’s a reality. Part of it is my personality, and part of it is the element of fear. Enough about me though.

When we take the ‘all about me’ aspect out of our mindset, and start thinking more about we; maybe, just maybe, we are on to something.

Defiance is not always a bad thing. It may be catastrophic in the case of someone who has a lack of remorse. However, after you have moved past a shaming, it’s time to share what you have learned.

Just be ready to take the punches, because even if you’ve “put on the full armor of God,” there are still those pesky people out there that want to destroy you. That’s some thing that a group of ‘we’ can handle together. Taking it all on alone, not going to happen.


Barbara Tili came out to jump around and spread a little joy with me and we had a really fun time. I loved watching her open up and get more playful with every jump 🙂 A few questions to get to kno…

Source: I started to feel an exhilarating sensation… #jumpforjoyphotoproject


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