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The sun will come up….

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This has been one of those primordial days. Biologically, it could vaguely be defined as a growth stage. My question: What am I going to miss out on?

This is something that has haunted my soul a bit. There were some very wise words shared in a new digital magazine called Writehackr. Basically, it said if you’re going to give up on something give up on worry. That’s my take on it. Don’t worry about missing out on whatever it is before you get started on whatever it is you want to get started.


Do you research yourself to death? I do. I have to understand it completely before I can act on it. This is a habit I have yet to break. The ability to research pretty much anything is good. Researching something to the point of mental and physical exhaustion is just stupid. It’s safe though, because you don’t have to act on it.


The only writing prompt you’ll ever need is fear. That’s what keeps you from putting pen to paper or recording that idea or whatever it might be.


In the meantime, in my Station Kelley, signs will soon be popping up around time announcing that this kid and that kid is graduating from high school. So, if a parent reads this, here is a resource for you. Enjoy.



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