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Love the tone….haha….


I am not an authentic person.

After reading the 40 Habits of Highly Authentic People, it appears I don’t know any authentic people either. Things are crazy unauthentic in my world.

Let me first say that I am a sucker for Top Ten or Five Keys to anything. I like things in bite size or with pretty pictures, and much to the rolling eyes of the people in my life, I like to work on myself. That often involves motivational quotes or blasting Fall Out Boy while I walk up my street, believing fully that I’ll be Jillian Michaels by the time I make it to the stop sign.

I have a pretty extensive inventory of mental and physical “to do”, so I’m drawn to these articles like . . . like flies on shit or like a moth to a flame if the shit analogy upsets your sensibilities. While Michael thinks…

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