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So, there’s this thing called bitterness.

People are either showing me or telling me where my blind spots are more and more, but there is one thing of which I am certain. I always, always must keep my finger on the pulse of bitterness. I’ve seen counselors and Pastors, and we’ve talked about feelings and actions and such. I’m not sure we ever zeroed in on the pulse of bitterness. It can be an amazing fuel, or an emotional radical will fester inside you that responds to nothing but more pain, more hassles, more injury, more mess. more, more, more, scenes of toxicity that are just flat out too much for us to bear. I should say, it’s too much for one person to bear.

If you scroll back a few blog entries, you’ll see that I shared an entry from insanitybytes. It’s about men going their own way in the church. I encourage you to read it. From various experiences, some of which I am responsible, I find myself avoiding relationships with pretty much everyone. Rick Warren says, “You can’t understand the grace of God, and just keep on ignoring his commands.” Listen to this: Amazing Grace, Part 2 “You don’t own anything.”

Isn’t it amazing the amount of time we spend paying for things?





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