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My partner is great

Sleep is sort of important for your mind and body. Glad you got caught up! #itsgoodtobecrazy

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

You may have noticed I have been complaining about not sleeping, last night was no exception, 5am, staring at the ceiling, not sleeping, but I did finally get to sleep.

My son came in and quietly woke Daddy up, my partner got up and did Daddy type stuff, till 3pm. Yep I was left to sleep till 3pm, that is 10 hours sleep. I can’t remember the last time I slept for 10 hours, probably won’t sleep tonight but I got 10 hours sleep.

That is something to celebrate, the house is still in tact, daddy son bonding time happened. And to top it off, I am getting steak for dinner.

Its like its my birthday again 🙂

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