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Natural Fibers

This reminds me of a song….


You are the air I breathe.

Romance is often figurative. It’s not the hearty literal verb of living or loving, even. It’s soft and tender.

I like words and images, so romance really works on me. I’m a song, story, poem, sweeping anything kind of person. I’m weak knees at a soft whisper. I don’t think that makes me silly, naive, or less important. It in no way diminishes my intelligence or my self respect.

It’s a part of the way I’m made, how I respond.

Romance gets a bad rap as being ridiculous, unrealistic, but I think it’s helpful to broaden the definition and to think of romance as a point in time, a feeling in that moment.

When I was in college I took a Women’s Studies class. We listened to love songs and broke them down in discussion. The point was to find where the lyric was degrading or disempowering…

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