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God, me, and wait for it….

Three Graces

Grace. Your Love Never Fails gets me started up the right way when days seem difficult. It’s a special song because it is off a CD that was given to me when a friend and I spoke at GFMBC in Hickory, NC about Epilepsy. God’s love never fails. It just doesn’t.

Do you ever think about grace, mercy, and peace? The greatest gift is love is it not? I am constantly astounded by the majestic bliss that is God’s love. It’s not temporal. It’s a timeless beauty that envelopes you completely, With Arms Wide Open.

Something must happen when a man has a child or adopts a child….it must be life-changing. I try to imagine it. When I see my niece and nephew, they are always behaving well. When I see kids at church, they tend to be tidied up and polished. I know that’s not the reality.

So, how do we decide what is right and what is wrong. If you have a conscience, you understand. If you are simply motivated by power, and victories, and being the conquering hero….guess what? You don’t have a clue. There is this thing called a relationship with God that cannot be replaced. “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.” (Peyton Manning quoting Forrest Gump 🙂









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