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Husbands as Spiritual Leaders…

The last line made me smile 🙂

See, there's this thing called biology...

I’m married to a lovely man, some 30 years now, and it is rather funny because over and over again I recognize his spiritual leadership. It’s somewhat amusing to me because my husband is so far out of the church, away from Christians in general, out of touch with faith, that it would be so easy for me to disqualify him, to declare him unworthy. I don’t however, and I find that somewhat funny, in a delighted way, as in the Lord sure works in mysterious ways.

What brought this post to mind were a couple of raging debates about husbands and spiritual leadership, one side declaring all things must be perfectly equal, wives must lead spiritually if they are more qualified, versus the chest pounders declaring only men are qualified and wives are all usurping authority.

First let me say, I love a good virtual gender war over how…

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