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“The Apostle Paul’s secret feminist message finally decoded”

Without women, there would be no church. Literally.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Dalrock, you are evidence that teh stoopid truly knows no gender.  Harsh perhaps, but painfully true. Your latest post is all about “The Apostle Paul’s secret feminist message finally decoded.”  Cynicism, satire perhaps, but not edifying, not reflective of scripture, not an argument for femininity, not a motivator for soft hearts and gentle women.

In the post Dalrock declares, “Christian feminists are shameless liars when it comes to Scripture.  They claim to have secret knowledge of the meaning of Scripture, meanings no one could discern for 2,000 years.  In the hands of a Christian feminist Paul is no longer warning that those who would corrupt the Church will take a page out of the Serpent’s playbook in Eden and focus on deceiving women as the entry point.”

Speaking of “secret wisdom,” can you show me where Paul warns that the serpent will use women to deceive the church? Can you…

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