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bahrain garden

“The crow screams not.” 🙂

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An Ancient Garden of Eden Is Unearthed in Persian Gulf’s Bahrain

Archeology: An excavation is revealing that Dilmun was indeed prosperous, even if it didn’t quite live up to its reputation as a land of perpetual youth.


SAAR, Bahrain — In ancient times, the land of Dilmun was described as a virtual Garden of Eden, a land where the wolf and the lamb lived in harmony and youth was eternal.

Archeologists today are uncovering more of that once-fabled land, revealing a prosperous trading society that had such abundant supplies of water that palm trees grew heavy with dates almost without effort.

“Fresh water just bubbled up out of the ground,” said Jane Moon, one of the directors of the archeological expedition at Saar. “That must have been miraculous to Gulf people.”

Saar was one of the towns in ancient Dilmun…

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