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God, me, and wait for it….

And they like my hard candy, call it Now and Later – Hunterish

Now and Laters. Do you remember Now and Later Candy? I used to love these things. They taste good now. They taste good later. If I had one that I purchased back in middle school, it would probably still be good given the ingredients. If I were not scared my teeth would come unplugged, I’d go to the grocery store or convenience store and get some today. In case you are wondering, grape is my favourite flavor. All this to say that #NOW is better than #LATER.

A friend of mine gave me a flip calendar that I keep to the right of my computer when I started working with an insurance company some years ago. Each day has a fresh Psalm on it. Today’s Psalm is “Lead me, O Lord, in they righteousness…make Thy way straight before my face.” (Psalm 5:8 KJV). Straight before my face….Straight before my face. This will be the phrase in my head during my meditation time today, right there with the Lord of Hosts.

I so wish I had been aware of all the beauty around me so many years ago. I didn’t have a clue. I was so focused on myself. So focused on the now….that the later never entered my mind. Then, a switch flipped. SNAP! Later….Later….Later….brokenness overwhelmed me. When your spirit is renewed, a symbiotic relationship develops between the now and the later. You realized you are not God, and that you have to leave room for him to do the work because if you don’t the Universe is going to adjust around you such that the work is done according to his will. In certain aspects of my life, now is better than later. What aspect are you neglecting that you can take action on NOW! Often, it’s something very mundane that moves you toward massive action. Today, for me, it’s washing my clothes, folding them, and putting them away. You see, I just returned from being away from home for a week, and it was uber-spectacular!





















































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