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God, me, and wait for it….

you. “Image is everything.” That used to be Canon’s tag line. Andre Agassi, the primed and pained superstar, he was forced to play tennis. His father forced him into the game to the point he hated it. He loved it at one point, but he grew to hate it. Isn’t it amazing how we can start a sport with such passion and have it trail off so quickly? I know I talk a lot about myself in this blog, but this is actually an experiment. The products are not an experiment, but the blog is. How much do I love to write? Can it be profitable? It can be, and it will be.

My #IsaMentor is pictured below. His name is Aaron Hairston.

Whoever would have thought that God would use us to get each others’ attention? Not me.

Go to TexSteps Click on English, then ok, then scroll down and fill out the more information section. We’ll get you AMPED up and earning a residual income in 90 days. Best of all, you’ll feel great. Step 1: Step out….


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