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There’s this called….


It comes to me in flashes, or like waves, more like ripples these days actually. It’s subtle. It’s harsh. It’s wonderful. Sometimes, it’s extremely painful. People refer to breakthrough moments, I like to think of them as blasts of boldness. Primarily because, at the moment anyway, it’s not a habit or way of life for me. Maybe I expect to much….that can paralyze you, or me rather.

Live at Altrove 2.0 #Pontoglio, #Italy
Photo by Daniele Di Chiara

The Last Day of your life is today. What are you going to do with it? If I am listening to some sort of motivational talk or sermon or whatever, this pitch makes me want to either crawl under the bed or punch my fist through the wall depending on my mood. It’s too much pressure for many people to bear, to carry that weight everyday when they already have so many burdens. They are already grateful for the moments. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, you have the embrace the race mindset. Embrace the race and you may already be off track. How do we ever know if we are on track. Take stock.

Think of your mind like a store for a moment. What’s missing? Don’t forget to look around the rest of your body. What’s missing? For me, it’s focus and organization. I am working on developing focus right now. The organization will follow. Focus is a challenge due to all the medications I take. Excuses, right? I can focus to write a blog entry, but focusing long enough to learn something new is challenging. Patience is necessary. Be grateful. I am grateful I am patient. I am working on being patient with myself. What are you working on?













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