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You’re weak….

Since my first seizure in 8th grade, I’ve been intentionally or unintentionally studying how the mind works. Many of us with spectrum disorders go through medications like lab rats. Doctors, to whom we mistakenly look for hope, offer little more than a new medication. It’s not their fault. They are doing the best they can. Let’s be honest though, pharmaceutical companies don’t stay in business if they cure a disease. Managing a disease or disorder is far more profitable. It’s human nature. We are forever looking for the unattainable Holy Grail.

Look familiar?

We have to find a way to do the best we can with what we have available to us, and I’ve got to admit somehow I have fallen back into a survival mindset. It’s a sense of being overwhelmed….information overload. I have to remind myself I don’t need to know it all, and that small steps are ok. This is my way out. Writing is my way out of this mess. Keeping a journal may be a way out for you too. There’s something about typing these words and publishing it in the blog-o-sphere that is delightful. There is this hope burning inside me that something I write will help someone, that the light will click on for you like it did for me many years ago.

I linked arms with a group of people a few months ago. To be honest, I don’t know any of them well. The thing is though, it doesn’t matter. We all have our humanity in common. The difference with this crew is we encourage each other throughout the week. They have grown to become an important part of my life.

Let’s talk for a moment about anxiety. I am not a doctor, so I can only discuss my personal experiences. I will tell you this. Anxiety, social anxiety anyway, can be overcome. There is little in this world that cannot be overcome.

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