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Earn money for your cause through Shutterfly's Holiday Photo Day!

Click on the banner above and have some fun. We’ll have something to talk about later. Someone asked me the other day how things are in my world? Well, they are the same as they are in yours. My world isn’t any different than yours. It’s filled with greed and love and joy and hope and peace and love and hope and peace and joy. Occasionally, you’ll bump into some righteous souls with whom you know your future will conjoin. Until then, your going to learn what you can. You’re going to choose your friends wisely, and you’re going to enjoy being yourself.

Yesterday, I had the great joy of being around a 6 year-old, an extremely bright 6 year-old. Kids are amazing. They just soak it all in. That is a quality too many of us have lost. We think we know it all. We’ve got it all figured out. If you think you’ve got it all figured out, don’t read this blog. If you’re reading it now, give it a chance and read it to the end.

GoPro HERO4 Session

That’s a pretty cool thingy you may get on Shutterfly, and here’s an ebook that better explains how to get the best out of it. Click Here!

In my opinion, it makes more sense to purchase the camera from Shutterfly than it does from Amazon. If you’re a professional, they have a really cool program where you can borrow lenses: Rent Now with

There are always a lot of directions that we can go. Here are some words from one of my favourite nut jobs:

Robert Frost











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