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Baby, I’m amazed….

When I write, you’ve probably noticed it’s all stream of consciousness. It’s not planned. This is basically a journal. The creative process is unique. I’ve had something on my mind today, but it didn’t hit me until a few minutes ago what it was, what it is rather. I’m going to place one of my favourite songs here for you to enjoy.

Maybe I’m Amazed – Sir Paul 🙂

So, someone once said to me, “isn’t it amazing how the Universe takes care of you?” I’ve never really thought about the Universe catering to my needs, but let’s think about that for a moment. All this mess swirling around us conjoins to form some sort of harmony, right? So, I guess I must be at the center of it all so, yes! The Universe is taking care of me. If that’s the case, why is the Universe not taking care of my Ugandan brother though? That doesn’t make sense. It can’t be the Universe that is in control of things. I know I’m out of control. If you think you can control much more than the choices you make, we both need help. So, yeah, the Universe is pretty spectacular. When I think or utter that word, I cannot even fathom the depth of the definition.

This is a story I heard. I’m not going to remember it verbatim so I am not going to put it in quotes. I heard it first on the TV drama The West Wing. There’s a guy, and he’s in a giant hole. He hears a man walking by, and he cries out, “Sir, help me, help me!” The man says, “I’m a doctor. What can I do?” He writes him a prescription and he keeps on walking. He hears footsteps again, and he cries out, “Sir, please help me, I’m down here, here!! I’m here in the hole!!” The man says, “What can I do, I’m a Pastor….he writes out a prayer for him and drops it in the hole.” He’s crying now. Tears are dripping slowly down his cheeks. His hands are wet. He’s on his knees. He hears feet. “Sir, help me. Please! Help!.” This time, it’s a friend. He jumps in the hole. The man looks at him and says, “You idiot! What are you doing down here!?! I’ve can’t get out of here and now we’re both stuck down here.” They embrace and the friend says, “Don’t worry, I’ve been down here before, and I know the way out.” Good friends are hard to find. #lovestrong friends.

Yoga time 🙂











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