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Found: Forever Still @foreverstilldk: #TiedDown #themovement

The Danes have done it again. Out of a country where metal or alternative rock is about as popular as gay marriage in the South, Forever Still is a band on the rise. This time, it’s fronted by a female. Allow me to introduce you to Forever Still’s Maja Shining.

“I re-live a thousand lies, one at a time.” Have you felt like that or been through that? That’s a quick lyrical snipe at “Breathe In” off of Forever Still’s upcoming EP Tied Down. Maja Shining has tapped into something with her talents throughout this concept album. Each lyric pulls at an emotional heart-string that is knife-to-throat authentic. Mikkel Haastrup, who manages to play bass while engineering an album worthy of his mentor, is a force. Teamed with Dennis Post on guitar, you’re left wondering from where the pulse will vibe.

Maja Promo 01 - Lars Winther Schmidt

When you talk to Maja, you hear emotion in her voice just as clearly as you can see it in her eyes. She writes lyrics that bring you into her world just long enough to dance before she kicks you out with one of her patent pending shrieks. This Siren is a Rock-Crooner, but she doesn’t tease you like a schoolgirl. Take a look at their logo here: Forever Still. Every time I see a black bird, I think Forever Still. When asked about the logo; Maja playfully replied, “Free-spirit, trapped in a cage, but the cage is melting (dun dun duuuun).” You can listen to their studio recordings and a few live recordings, and other bands will be sick with jealousy because they are so damn clean.

What you have in Forever Still is uncommonly goodness rare to the music industry today. There are innumerable indie groups out there pushing garbage through the disposal. What’s different here? Natural Born Talent. Tap into the keg gently with a listen to Towards the Edge off the Breaking Free release. Listen to how amplified yet balanced the tonal qualities are reflected. Haastrup nails it. Then, embrace Scars. It’s like picking up the resin before you pick up a baseball. Get a grip.

What you need to know.

If you haven’t been paying attention, the rock music scene looks more like after-birth than a scene on the cusp of growth. Super-bands and Super-pop types are riddled by deference to their own relevance. This isn’t anything new, it just feels that way because just about everyone can play 5 chords on a guitar, many people have home recording devices, and there are blogs and podcasts dedicated to every indie niche out there. How much trash must a record label comb through in order to find gold? Dave Grohl will love this band. They tour. They come home. They write, record, and release music. They cannot not create. It’s part of their identity. It’s who they are. They are a total DIY shop at this point. Not necessarily because they want to be, but because they have to be. FYI….If you want to pick out a t-shirt or something else unique go to

Why you will listen.

Have you ever just known something? How good are you at keeping a secret? Why would you not want to help talented people achieve their dreams if a link or share or contact may get them one step closer? That’s what listening to and sharing this link will do: Forever Still – Breathe In

When is the same why when you are Forever Still.

However you respond to Forever Still, they will respond to you. When do you want to see them in concert? The Open Wound Tour is ongoing. They just finished up a short stint in Italy. Prior to that, they made a numerous stops throughout the United Kingdom. When will we get to see them in the US? Who do you want to see on the Vans Warped Tour ?

You’ll hear more about Forever Still on The Amplified Edge.

Until then, #lovestrong friends.


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