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Scarred Forever: Where is your brain?

It wasn’t long ago that I was scrolling through my feed, and the title to a youtube video caught my eye. It simply said Scarred, and it’s a song by some band called @foreverstilldk on Twitter. I had never heard of them. They meant nothing to me, but still I clicked play and I was #blownaway. Maja is the lead singer Her vocals felt like air moving through my eyes to my heart. It was powerful. The balance between the engineering of the music, the songwriting, and the vocals are so on point I was stunned. I had to learn more about them.

Forever Still: Scars

Cover-Art-Scars-2014Off their Breaking Free EP, there is a song called Towards the Edge. One day, I literally listened to that song about 27 times. Between Maja’s ethereal melodic crooning and Mikkel’s maestro-matic touch on every song, their sound is distinctive. What fascinates me most about this crew of explosive talents, however, is their ethos. Just like any industry, the music industry is full of unfettered greed. Make no bones about it, Forever Still is seeking success. There is more to this dynamo than meets the eye.

Coming soon….a new full length EP….gear up!


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