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Stuff goes wrong….

FjordThink Snow….

People are fascinating.  Whether we talk “belly to belly,” or vis a vis through Skype, over the phone, or via text; the volume of our speech is discernible.  How powerful are words?  Let God know you.

Dear Holy Father,

You hold the Earth by your water’s edge,

Your Dwelling, Almighty, a Shield, a Flame; it’s Glory.

Your Forgiveness is not a Heart that Beats.

Your Faith not a Sparrow whose Branch did Break.

Is Holiness a principle?

Is Sin Just Angst?

When I ask is It Given?

When I take is it Real?

I Cling to You, O Lord My God, You are Holy.

You are Peace and Comfort and Genuine and all not of What I See and Feel,

I imagine.

What must it be like to forgive?


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