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Pure Light

Living by grace, no doubt….

Soaring with Butterfly Wings

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There is NO darkness in God!

I love this verse and the picture it paints. God is pure light. There is no darkness, no hidden deceit, no malicious intent, and no evil in the LORD God. we can TRUST Him even when things look dark and scary. Even when we face painful trials. we can trust He will make all things right in the end.

I believe in you Father! I believe you are good and your ways are holy. I know you are trustworthy and your loving-kindness never fails. Thank you that there is no darkness in you. Help me to walk in the light always. Help me to walk with you as you are the light.


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Chuck Norris can win a game of Connect Four in only 3 Moves.

I am a person. I am human. I am loved by family. I am loved by God. I can’t trust my body. I am broken.

On certain days, I can feel my brain mis-firing. Some days, I don’t want to be here. Most days, I’m just trying to get through it. I was listening to a song by Watermark called Light of the World. It asks King Jesus to, “Shine on us.” It asks Jesus, to “Breath on us, Breath on us.”

God is aware of every tear we cry. This I know.


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It seems very difficult to forgive someone who has done something that really damaged us in some way. But time has taught us that everyone receives what he or she deserves, even if we don’t…

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“Expect to encounter adversity in your life, remembering that you live in a deeply fallen world. Stop trying to find a way that circumvents difficulties.” – Sarah Young

Serve the Lord with gladness, come before His presence with singing. – Psalm 100:2

When I realized that pastoral ministry was not for me and that we are all called to some sort of mission, life began to change for me. My perspective on the world became less self-centered and more filled with anticipation. I anticipate God to move in my life, and He does. I don’t always like the way He does it, but it happens and I roll with it. Sometimes, I feel a part of the process and other times I don’t. For now though, I know that I am doing my best to hold it together, one day at a time. It’s just part of recovery.

Letting go of control is an issue for me. It’s probably a guy thing, but it’s like I’ve jumped off the high dive and I am in that moment when  you’re in the air. Meanwhile, your gut and heart are bunched together. Stuck in a moment….

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Stop Personalizing Everything…

See, there's this thing called biology...

I speak mostly of the internet, the way people soon avoid the issue being discussed, take everything personally, and descend into offense, as if they themselves were being targeted and attacked. I blame our culture, political correctness, and the endless melodrama to be found on reality TV. The personal IS SO NOT political.

However, personalizing everything, relating it to our own feelings, is also something that commonly will afflict women. We are feeling creatures, but the urge to personalize things too much is often related to wounding. As gently as I possibly can, this is something I’d like to see women healed of, mostly because it is a victim behavior that can cause us undo grief. There is tremendous security and safety to be found in cultivating the ability to depersonalize things.  I have a saying, “if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t pick it up.”

Men engage in it…

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One of my favorite things to do is pray. It is when I feel the closest to God. It is when I tremble with fear over whether or not what I am doing is right, and God gently directs me. To broadcast it in a blog format doesn’t feel right in some ways, but it’s a promising resource so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t know why just writing this out in a journal or saving it somewhere doesn’t seem like enough. I guess my desire is that a special person will read this one day and experience the type of love I experience.

I read a devotion every day. Here is one of them by There is a challenge at the end of it, and I am going to work on this one today. I don’t always do this, but today is special.

Actually, rather than writing a psalm or song myself today. I’ll share a song from when artists still were paid their worth: God is always the bridge. You are not. Trust.

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I’ll take instant maturity, please.

Soaring with Butterfly Wings

IMG_0388butterflygarden (1)

Grinning with pleasure, I watched my newly planted butterfly garden. The bold yellow of the Yarrow and the vibrant orange of the Blanket flowers were a great beginning, but I longed for all the green to turn to blossoms. I rushed out each morning, excited to see new blossoms but nothing seemed to change.

Gardening brings a great lesson in patience. Hoping for growth, we plant seeds or small plants where they will get sun, adding soil, food and water. It takes weeks, months or in some cases a year or more to get full benefit of our labor. We must trust the food, water and sun to bring the seeds to full growth.

Spiritual growth is the same. When I read an inspiring verse or book or hear an insightful sermon, I want the maturity offered right now. I read about loving others with all my heart and wonder…

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Be humble or be humbled. That’s one way God seems to discipline us. Epilepsy releases me from ego, but not from anger. Those are two different things: ego and anger. I’ve seen them on display, and I am sure you have too. There is much talk about ego today in the cosmos. There is much talk about a lot of things, but releasing one’s ego is certainly on the agenda of many. I have an ego or whatever you want to call it. I’m not sure there’s a name for it, but that’s the best word humanity has come up with so far. Thanks Freud. Ego can be a good thing. It can create a response from men and women to jump to action. Anger can be a good and bad thing too. Emotives, emotional responses….we’re not perfect people. I am always surprised that we seem to not be able to accept that reality. I know there are realities in my life I haven’t accepted. I know this because we all have blindspots, and they are called blindspots for a reason. Until they are pointed out, we are blind to them. The picture above is not a commentary on the Muslim faith by the way. I clarify because a picture is worth a 1000 words, and I don’t want those 1000 words to be misunderstood.

Every time I visit my epileptologist, I pass this church for the blind. I have this odd sense of humor. I laugh silently to myself because I think do the blind need a sign for their church? Aren’t disabilities hilarious?! I can tell when you aren’t joking.

I must go back to that Muslim point just for a moment since we live in violent times. There was a get together in my neighborhood a while back. I met a family, a Muslim family, a beautiful family. I got talking with a gentleman, and after our discussion he said he would pray for me. How shocked was I? Pretty taken aback….I guess it’s just part of that small town mindset, my diminutive mindset. God doesn’t live in your church. Yahweh, Emmanuel, lives everywhere.

Glad I got that out of my system….