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You deserve a red card for that result 🙂

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Over the last couple of years, I’ve really taken to soccer. It doesn’t matter whether it is International or MLS or NWSL, I’ve just really grown to enjoy the sport. I remember when Coach Morgan brought soccer to Hickory. I’m not sure how quickly it took off, but I know that it grew steadily. Then, with the USA Women’s National Team’s success….there was an explosion of growth. Mia Hamm, who can forget her?

Next to music, Soccer may be the only international language, at least in the sporting world. Did you know we even have minor league teams in the US? For example, in Charlotte, NC; we have the Charlotte Independence. They are part of the USL. It’s not as fast paced as American Football. There’s no hurry up offense, but there’s a lot of strategy involved. It’s fun to watch and the players, both men and women, are riddled with talent.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!



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Maybe, he was born for a time like this?

I just purchased this book. Looking forward to seeing what Van Jones has to say. There’s a short review of the book when you click on the link. Perhaps, Mr. Jones is a voice in the wilderness so to speak. We live in an amazingly beautiful country. Have a wonderful day.

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By the way, if you go to this link #lovearmy you’ll see there’s a lot to learn. In Grief and Gratitude….

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Be glad. And, what’s your motive?

Psalm 68:3

It wasn’t long ago, a contact was looking for an assistant. Outside of being perfectly organized, I met the requirements. One thing this person would like to do is interview the World Famous Businessman Jeff Bezos, a man after your money. He wants all of it. At the same time, however, he now wants to give back and desires some good press with the Whole Foods purchase and educating women is his choice. Given his position, let’s think about that for a moment. One is promoting this endeavor, and they are one of my favorite organizations. They have big goals, and have accomplished much through the years. Even more impressive to me is how they are able to partner with organizations like Red and Global Citizen. They must play well with others to be able to manage such partnerships.

The timing of this is questionable, but holding back a person from doing a good work is questionable too. Think about what you have been taught all these years. One is that God’s thoughts are beyond our own. Another is not to worry. So, why not support this endeavor? The only thing that Mr. Bezos, a man known for being laser focused, may want to consider is exceeding his expectations. So, rather than giving just his money to 130 million girls perhaps he’ll double it? I don’t mean he’ll double it if you’ll match his giving, I am saying he’ll double his giving out of the goodness that is in his heart. It’s in all of us. So, what do you say Mr. Bezos? Are you willing to double it, triple it, quadruple it? Here’s a little information about the deal: Total Domination

What would Bill Gates do?




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Serenity Now :)

-Studies Looking....png

“Studies looking specifically at blueberries and strawberries, which are rich in polyphenois, show they are associated with slower cognitive decline.” – Martha Clare Morris, SCO

There’s a free magazine I’ve been reading for quite some time called Neurology Now. The above quote is from the most recent issue from an article talking about foods that are good for the brain: food for thought.

Do you like inspirational stories? I find people that overcome adversity fascinating. That means everyone is fascinating because we all have some story, some sort of adversity we have overcome or are working on. Until last night, I had never heard of MasterChef Christine Ha. Does her name ring a bell?

She battles blindness due to an autoimmune disease called neuromyelitis optica or NMO for short. Here is some more info. – NMO

You can also read her blog at theblindcook.com.

If you’d like to purchase her cookbook, buy it here and I’ll receive a small commission per FTC Disclaimer guidelines.

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Quotes like this, as true as they may be, have never done much for me. I don’t have the words to shape the sentiment. It’s just that it’s too simple. It’s like taking one piece of scripture and quoting it to somewhat reinforce an argument. There’s more to it.

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Spiritual Privilege

You can care about more than one issue. I have an acquaintance that wrote a book on prayer, and he considered changing his name. Many people use pen names. Even Stephen King was once John Bachman. The only people that change are those who want to change.

Holly T. Ashley

In a Facebook post from a highly educated, well respected, Baptist leader, (I have been corrected- not evangelical)** pastor, and professor of pastoral ministry, (not theology)**, he vocalized his concern for the racial divide in our country. He stated a young black man who attempted to find work using two different and ethnically diverse names on his resume, only to get responses from those with the “white” name used.

He also mentioned a woman who lived in an environmentally challenged neighborhood, where her child played outdoors in an atmosphere that could cause brain damage.

As I read the post and the replies to his post – I could only imagine that the rants and grumbling were met with shaking heads and wagging fingers…. so I asked: “What action was being taken to combat this issue?”

In essence (what I was thinking in and among my elevated temperature)– “What are you…

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June 2017 Mental Health Awareness

“Please share–it’s how ideas spread!” – Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

Special days & weeks in June

Along with Advocacy & Awareness
for mental health related issues
(and a calendar for the month!)

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Part of the ADD/ADHD Cormidities series

Found HERE

JUNE is PTSD Awareness Month —
June begins with Sleep Disorder Awareness Week
and National Cancer Survivor’s Day

Online Marketing Gurus extol the effectiveness of piggy-backing posts onto particular events – how about one or several of the ones below?
They make GREAT, positive writing prompts!

Mark your blogging calendars!

Many days of the year have been set aside every month to promote awareness or advocacy of an issue, illness, disability, or special-needs related cause.

In addition to a calendar for the current month, each Awareness post attempts to offer a list highlighting important days and weeks that impact and intersect with mental health challenges — reminders for health problems that intersect…

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Thank Goodness for the Goodness in the World!

There is good stuff happening 🙂

The Richness of a Simple Life


Even as someone who hasn’t watched the news regularly in years, I can’t completely escape the constant stream of stories of the vile acts and horrendous things that go on in the world. The thing is, there’s plenty of good people doing good things in the world. If that weren’t the case, the world would be in an even worse state than it is. There are plenty positive things don’t get nearly as much attention.

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Staying #sane

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Just wanted to share something with you that has helped me over the last few years. You can purchase it here or at your local book store. It is a great devotional.