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ADD SPARK TO ROUTINE, writer’s quote challenge

Sweet aroma

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” Helen Keller

For this week’s Writers Quote Challenge, please share with us a “small task” which you feel you have accomplished in a “great and noble” way.

How “great and noble” are you when it comes to frying eggs, changing tires, picking up toys, teaching manners to your children, making the grocery list, making the bed, playing Candy Land, combing your mother’s hair?  Okay, you are on your own.  What does this quote mean to you?

My Submission:

For many years I have taught adult Sunday School classes, generally to people who are my peers.  It seemed dull to me to teach the same thing we had “learned” many times before.  After all what could I say that had not already been said.  So…

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See, there's this thing called biology...

green-eyedEnvy the green-eyed monster, the root of so many of our conflicts, one of the seven deadly sins. I want to speak of envy today, because I grew up in this very secular environment where envy was perceived as non-existent, where observing envy in the world was a worse “sin” then the envy itself. If you experience  envy from others it is your fault because privilege, pride, and thinking too highly of yourself.

I can’t begin to tell you how damaging this was, how confused it left me, how I stumbled around in the dark completely baffled for years. Nothing made any sense, there was this giant elephant in the room I was taught not to see, not to speak of. I remember being about 10 and a girl said, “I hate your shoes,” and so I immediately blamed my shoes, I blamed myself for wearing shoes that inspire hatred…

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#bootlicking #fools #beingintheknow

Does it make you feel powerful to know something that someone else doesn’t know? Sometimes, it’s nice to be in the know. It can make you feel important, valued. That used to be a source of pride for me. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes secrets are meant to be kept between people and there is a “time and place for everything under the sun,” as we are taught. Yet, when it becomes a pupped-out chest sort of pride swilling menagerie….something has gone afoul.

I’m fond of that scene in Men in Black where K is recruiting J and K says something to the effect of people are foolish, panicky, and unpredictable. That’s not an exact quote. He goes on to say that, “a person is smart.” Isn’t that the truth? (I mutter with a sigh and somewhat sarcastically too 🙂

I know I can be foolish. I know I panic from time to time. I know I can be unpredictable, but that is part of what makes humanity wonderful, bearable, and embraceable. Don’t you think?

Nobody is perfect.



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God, me, and wait for it….

checks and balances.

One year ago today I started writing this and I put it off to the side for some reason. I’m not sure why then, and I am not sure why I am writing it now. The timing is interesting though.

Do you remember Edward in the movie Pretty Woman? There’s a line in the movie where he says he had to go through a lot of therapy to say that he was very ANGRY with his father. Do you ever feel like that?

I don’t feel angry with my earthly father anymore. Sad sometimes, but God has taken away the anger that was there. I do, however, find myself extremely distrustful of men. It’s amazing how your experiences shape you. It’s odd how your perspective can be so disjointed to appear delusional. Of course, belief that you can find some sort of perfect balance in life is it’s own sort of delusional right.

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Overheard at a Washington, D.C. bar: “Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry.” – The Big Short (2015)

Tough talk. People walking the walk. Ego monopolies.


Where there’s a way there’s a will.

Where there’s a sea there’s a seal,

Where there’s greed, you’ll find some person real.

Where there is judgement, look at your own reflection.

Danger! It’s a warning. It’s a reality. It’s laughable.

Security! It’s a desire. We really seek not it. It’s all retractable.

Where there is God, there is a way.

Where there is Hope, there is a way.

There is never a New Way or Old Way,

all things seem old school or new school

don’t you see?

Knowledge may be hunger, but in the end we

all die. So, I’m done with you. I love you, but

I’m done with you until you wake up and see there’s

more than just sky and vibes and irrational highs.

Copyright 2017 Tad Texer